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Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness for Everyone!

Learn about the benefits of working out outside.

You breathe better air outside The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air is more than twice as polluted as outdoor air. You’ll burn more calories Nothing beats the complex terrain of the outdoors. Working out outside promotes "muscle confusion," which can help your body burn more calories. Connect with nature Working out outside helps clear your mind while reducing stress. Being outdoors in an environment like the park also helps with focus. Promotes higher vitamin D levels Vitamin D - one of the fat-soluble vitamins essential to strong bones and a healthy immune system - can be attained via sun exposure (also known as “the sunshine vitamin". The more you absorb vitamin D through your skin from outside, the better your body is able to absorb it. It just makes you feel good Researchers discovered that working out outside has a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health than just going to the gym. Outdoor exercise is linked to stress reduction, a decrease in feelings of tension and anger, and less symptoms of depression. Plus outdoor exercise has the overall positive effect on vitality, or your sense of enthusiasm, aliveness, and energy.

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