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Recent Testimonials From Happy Customers

 I have been using Dockside Fitness for several years and Mark is entirely responsible for my current state of excellent fitness.  In addition, he is currently helping me recover from a serious leg injury.  He is very sensitive for one’s state of mind and body and tailors each session accordingly.  He never allows you to continue an exercise if it causes any pain or discomfort – and will also help you to recover from it. He is the best!

Simone Woods

 I’ve been training with Mark for about 3 years.  He offered me a session to assess me and I thought, what’s to lose?  Nothing.  I love to train outdoors and he’s at the Rotunda come rain or shine.  If the weather is too bad we’ll do a video call.  I wanted to maintain and improve my fitness which has happened 100%.  Mark doesn’t offer a quick fix, no shortcuts, just great dedication to my goals with a few new goals thrown in by him.  He gives me workouts to make my body work better and harder.  If I come with a tweak or ache we spend a session working on that. My running technique has improved, my fitness levels have gone up and my body shape is looking pretty good (I’m late 50s)!  He’s got a van full to the brim with equipment – rowing machine, maxi climber, boxing, weights, stretching tools and a ton more.  Rarely are two sessions the same which I love.  He’s matter of fact, encouraging, makes me laugh and he really sets my day in a positive way.


I’ve been seeing Mark for a few years now and can highly recommend for anyone seeking to enhance their physical fitness while enjoying the outdoors within a supportive community setting. His dedication & passion for functional fitness is extremely effective in helping to achieve whatever fitness goals you might have.


So much better than the gym! Mark has not only improved my strength, fitness and flexibility but has also helped with areas which I would otherwise totally neglect such as stretching, posture and recovery

Simone Woods

Dockside Fitness has been the luckiest discovery of my time in fitness by a very long way. With my previous PT I had reached a plateau that I had not moved from for years. With Mark I made more progress in my first year of training than in any year of my life before that. 
The reason for this is simply that Mark has the expertise to adopt an extremely fundamental approach, where he first fixes the many physical issues that almost everyone’s body has before pushing it into stress. Likewise he really prioritises all-round, functional fitness, rather than just overworking individual muscle groups and risking injury. 
It is clear that his job is his passion, and he never stops looking for new equipment or new ways to help people. He has a far greater variety of kit and exercises than you will ever find in a mainstream gym, which makes the journey more fun and motivating.


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