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Range of common conditions treated: 

  • Osteoarthritis 

  • Ligaments and tendons, meniscal damage  

  • Tendinitis                     

  • Muscle strain 

  • Back, neck pain 

  • Ankle instability 

  • Chronic stiffness affecting posture and movements

  • Gait analysis and many more...

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Alesia's background of training in sports and competing at the international level globally has led her to bring her passion for sport to the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. She has experience working for NHS and private practice treating patients from all walks of life.

She treats a wide range of conditions caused by sports and occupational injuries. Alesia will also assist you in restoring movement and function with the help of weight-based, cardiorespiratory and balance training equipment available on our training sites. She will liaise with the trainer and create a program designed for your individual rehabilitation needs. You will be also advised on long term injury prevention and useful strategies on self-management of the existing injuries.


She is also keen to use manual treatments, such as stiff joint mobilization, massage and stretching using the latest techniques in the field.

Prices - you get 25% off with Docksidefitness

First consultation: 

90 min - £80 -> £60


60 min - £55

Contact us here to book your initial appointment


Range of common conditions treated: 

  • Muscular, joint or spinal stiffness, discomfort or pain

  • Frozen shoulder, tennis elbow

  • Arthritis

  • Back pain, headaches

  • Digestive issues

  • Postural problems

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Glenn is a qualified osteopath with 20 years of experience in healthcare and background in sport, having worked at the Harbour Club, Chelsea and Reebok Canary Wharf as a Remedial sports massage therapist. He has a Masters's Degree in animal (dog/horse) osteopathy, which has also helped his human work in terms of diagnostic skills and technical ability. His client testimonials include Ian McKellen and Graham Norton.


If you are experiencing muscular, joint or spinal stiffness, discomfort or pain, then osteopathy is for you. Symptoms do not have to be just spinal in origin – osteopaths treat a variety of non-spinal conditions like frozen shoulder etc. Osteopaths are mainly taught techniques to mobilize and improve the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system. We are best known for spinal manipulations (‘clicking’ joints) to mobilise stiff vertebrae however, there are many other techniques that can be used if you are apprehensive about clicking.

Prices - you get 33% off your first visit with Docksidefitness

First consultation:

45 min - £90 -> £60

60 min -  £120 -> £80



30 min - £ 60

Contact us here to book your initial appointment

"Please do give me a call if you are unsure whether Osteopathy is appropriate. I would be happy to discuss suitability and options to compliment the training you are receiving with Dockside Fitness Team. With your consent, I am happy to feedback your examination findings to the various team members so that your program is more comprehensive, making training safer and more enjoyable. or call  07816 108812" - Glenn Sontag

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