Group assessment time 4 people
Sunday 10.15am
Monday 6.30pm
Tuesday 12.15pm

Assessment £25
Assessment plus 3 session £50

Set your initial fitness standard and your own time to improve!

one off ‘Give me the works’ £50
5 sessions ‘restart-realign’ £225
10 sessions ‘intro to a fitness adventure’ £450 including bonus session every week with Me

Also available after 5 personal training sessions is Small group PTs £25 per person

(2-4 people training in various fitness disciplines motivated coached goal driven and affordable) The 5 sessions before are to reduce time spent on basic technique and correct equipment usage, while giving a clear understanding of current fitness levels and areas to be developed

From 5.30am-9.30pm weekdays
7am-3pm Sunday
Saturdays if I like you 😉

Personal approach-20 session of one to one and group sessions on the off days. Stretching/rehab and core sessions included as needed.
Structure of sessions can be every day or two sessions am and pm training with extra session included as needed to reach desired goals.
The cost depends on how many sessions we earmark to have each week.
Could be time, financially or goal dependant.
Frequency and regularity is rewarded.

Over the 6 weeks programme I apply what exercises and equipment needed to optimise your fitness progression.

This can be applied with a combination of group and one to one training sessions combined with homework.