First class for the individual new to training, gain competence on the
foundation movements essential for your fitness journey

mat based classed to firm, tone, condition and synergize abdominals
lower back and gluts

For the more robust and competent fitness enthusiast, the best of
functional fitness has to offer in one explosive class, high intensive and
hard work as a standard

Joint strength, muscle conditioning and flexibility are essential to be able to run consistently. A session combining the two to compliment for safer exercise, consistently and continuity is the highest currency for running improvement over time being able to run distance and short sprints

Sprinting, chin up, push up, pulling, pushing, slamming and punching. A session to release your inner superhero

Fat burning cardiovascular low impact for extended continuity – row, slide, step bounce, punch and kick your way to fitness

You know your tight and never have the time or the direction to learn. With a continuous flow to suit outdoors stretch the major muscles of the body

Master the chip up, muscle up and handstand with the specific
conditioning class to give you the power to accomplish