Hi, I am Mark Finn and I am a personal trainer, fitness instructor and the founder of DOCKSIDE FITNESS.

I started with the dream of balanced fitness anywhere for everyone. This comes from a diverse background, starting my adventure into fitness at Central YMCA in 1994 – a hub for the emerging fitness education industry. Being around some of the leading names of the British fitness industry taught me at an early stage that any human movement can be turned into an exercise to promote specific improvement to aid sports performance, rehabilitation, cardiovascular wellness, postural benefits and that the vanity of fitness is a side effect of the correct balance of the above. Fun factor teaching with a passion and a smile from step classes to the original cross training challenges of the mid 90s help to expand what I consider workout is. Special population fitness (senior citizen, cardio and stroke rehab, kids fun sessions, post and prenatal) taught me the inspiration and progressive challenges of fitness can be undertaken by everyone.

During the millenium event, I took my diverse skill set onto the cruise ships where they were then augmented by AnnSee Yeoh with a “pathway to yoga” class. The flexibility of teaching this class helped to take my personal fitness and application of fitness to the next level.

Once back to London I gained experience as a Gym Manager at Portobello Gym and the Reebok Sports Club what ignited my passion to create an unmatched training experience with Dockside Fitness. My mission is to teach people how to achieve optimal health and well-being at any age or fitness level.

Our focus is on outdoor functional fitness—the kind that helps you live your life better, faster, stronger, and more efficiently. As functional trainers, we believe that every body is different, and learning how to carry, push, pull, and stabilize external loads using every part of your body is the safest and most effective way to build true strength…while shedding unwanted weight.

Dockside Fitness is performance-based and results-driven – a total mind-body fitness workout that brings together elements of core fusion, martial arts, high-intensity cardio and strength workout. Aerobic and anaerobic training, pulse-raising sprints, dynamic cardio drills, and muscular toning, will isolate your muscles all while enhancing your form and technique. And group workouts will push you past your limits and constantly challenge new muscle groups so you never plateau.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner taking your first class, you will be challenged and motivated. Our session will improve your mobility, strength, endurance, and attitude towards fitness in general through a variety of modalities – kettle bells, TRX, bands, sandbags, ropes, vipers and more!


Dockside Fitness :

  • gives you more than just a workout – it paves the way to a happier and healthier life.
  • can help guide your fantasy of fitness into functional fitness goals.
  • can prepare you body for a dynamic outdoor lifestyle.
  • can release your fitness program of the confinement of walls.
  • can aid with long-term rehabilitation in an environment effective for anti-stress and related benefits.
  • can provide a well needed breath of fresh air and bespoke functional training.


Functional training in a functional environment. Combination of state of the art equipment with the goal to get all clients physically able to train at high intensity for at least a short period of time and mentally educated, informed and addicted to training.

I believe if you work out you should at least have the ability to fight or flight and be more aware of your fitness journey.

Whether in a group session or in a personal training session a safe effective work out will be maintained. Absolutely no slacking allowed, high level motivation will be given.

Benefits of Working Out Outside 

You breathe better air outside – The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air is more than twice as polluted as outdoor air.
You’ll burn more calories – Nothing beats the complex terrain of the outdoors – working out outside promotes “muscle confusion,” which can help your body burn more calories.
Connect with nature – Working out outside helps clear your mind while reducing stress. Being outdoors in an environment like the park also helps with focus.
Promotes higher vitamin D levels – Vitamin D—one of the fat-soluble vitamins essential to strong bones and a healthy immune system—can be attained via sun exposure (also known as “the sunshine vitamin”). The more you absorb vitamin D through your skin from outside, the better your body is able to absorb it.
It just makes you feel good – Researchers discovered that working out outside has a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health than just going to the gym. Outdoor exercise is linked to stress reduction, a decrease in feelings of tension and anger, and less symptoms of depression. Plus outdoor exercise has the overall positive effect on vitality, or your sense of enthusiasm, aliveness, and energy.